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How the Dance Team was started:

The MU Dance Team was started in theory in the fall of 1998 by four students with a dream. However, the first performance did not take place until the spring of 1999. Corrine Rodriguez, Danielle Debish, Dallas Scopelletti, and Amy Garland came together to form what would be the first set of Captains of the dance team. Their first performance, with only six dancers, took place at a basketball game. Try-outs were held in the fall of 1999 and seven new members joined the team. Together they made the team what it is today. Not only do the members practice and perform together, but they also support and love one another. The MU Dance Team has turned from a group of girls who love to dance into a family.


Past Members of Dance Team:
Nikki Carlo, Amy Garland, Stacie Renoll, Cori Rodriguez, Dallas Scopelletti
Kristina Angelli, Beth Cote, Dani Debish, Jamie Frye, LeAnne Loueiro, Tiffany Muchal, Leanne Smith
Alison Breen, Amy Milli, Laura Mitchell, Stacie Renoll
Liz Walsh, Bethie Belles, Chrissy Petrilli, Jamie Thomas, Lori Smotryski,
Jess Maslaski, Nichole McDonald, Michelle Pacifico
Mamie Mamrak, Nicole Cerullo
Bonnie Jadick, Rachel Olson, Erica Chinetski, Valerie Kouba,
Rachel Padavano, Mandy Dougherty, Katie McDermott, Emma Michaud
Brienna Smith, Danielle Murphy, Jessica Rudolfi Bower
Bridget Scullin, Stacie Surotchak, Yasmine Shaffie
Caitlin Antanavige, Summer Schoenberg , Valena O'Malley
Colleen Davis, Amy Fisch, Becky Klementowski, Katie Lagonegro, Julianna Malcolm, Meg Trainor
2009-2010: Katie Blanchard, Mandi Hunisch, Anna Parkkila, Ami Setlock, Amanda White
pictures from past seasons